During a one-on-one Master Class with Anthony Zerbe (American Hustle, Matrix, Papillon) he recounted that Jennifer's talent lies within her courage, her vivid imagination, her openness to become the character, and her impulsive appetite for feeling.

"You always were prepared . . . You love what you are doing in this show and it shows. Best moment for me…my eyes go right to you sitting on the desk in CINDERELLA DARLING."

                                 – Jack Heifner, Director of How to Succeed...

"You've been AMAZING! Knock 'em dead!"

                                 – Oliver Jack, Director of The Revelation of... 

"You [are a] little firework of awesomeness!"
Nic Bowden, Co-Star in "Still Falling"

"Your openness & sheer honest delight in performing is an eternal source of light & energy for me. I continually delight in watching you work. You are GREAT!!"
               – Dr. Jason Scott, Director of The (New) Original Cast

"You are a wonderful actress! It was great working with you!"

  – Graciela Cassel, Director of "South"

"You are a powerful actor!"

                                            Billy Mitchell a.k.a. Mr. Apollo 


"Jennifer is very lively, positive, motivated, gentle and spontaneous. She has a good attitude and she is willing to try [new things] and come out [of her] comfort zone. Jennifer is a good team-player, supportive to partners."

 – Peeter Raudsepp, Head of EMTA Drama School


"Jennifer is one of the most talented actors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. As a bonus, her upbeat personality is very contagious and has made even the toughest days on set some of the greatest. Big or small, she gives each project everything she has and more. She is an asset to productions and anyone would benefit greatly from working with her."

                                                                                                          Giovanni Lazarini, Director/Videographer at Studio Lychee

"Jennifer is such a talented actress and an absolute joy to work with and be around."
Megan Raveneau, Director/Filmmaker for "Escaping..."

"Every day, you're a breath of sunshine... And a helluva an actress, too! A highlight of my year was meeting and working with you. May we do it again...and again!
                                                                                                                       – Joseph P. Genera, fellow AlphaNYC cast member