Jennifer Suter
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Height: 5’ 5”          


Playing Age: 24-32

Happy to travel

Still Trying   ...  Rebecca/Lead  ...  Dir. Jennifer Suter – Sincerely Suter Productions

Adults  ...   Caroline Maloney/Supporting  ...   Dir. Nicholas Molinari – Cinetax Studios

Sins of the Fathers   ...   Sarah Andrews/Lead  ...   Dir. Ethan Cartwright – IMakeGood Production

The Killer in the House  ...   Alessa/Supporting  ...   Dir. Nicholas Molinari – Cinetax Studios

Last Night of the Year  ...   Stephanie/Supporting  ...   Dir. Ralston Ramsay

X-NN Research Bunker   ...   Dr. Lynn Turbo  ...   Co-Reality Collective/Sofi Lee-Henson

The Girl on the Phone   ...   Irene/Felipa  ...   Sinking Ship Creations/Betsy Isaacson

Fragile Recall   ...   Genesis Mahabini/Babe Paley/Edith Thompson  ...   Sinking Ship Creations/Betsy Isaacson

Other Side of the Line  ...   Karen/Alex  ...   Sinking Ship Creations/Betsy Isaacson

Calculations  ...   GABI/Quvey/Elizabeth/Admiral Vittoria/Lila Wong/Anya Patel  ...   Sinking Ship Creations/Betsy Isaacson


South (multimedia)  ...   Creative Perform

Scapegoat   ...   Elisabeth/Mouse/Edie  ...   Sinking Ship Creations/Ryan Hart

The Infinity Engine   ...   Anisette Verdigree  ...   Sinking Ship Creations/Ryan Hart

The Mortality Machine   ...   Milly  ...   Sinking Ship Creations/Ryan Hart – Wildrence

The Shawshank Redemption, Brazil, Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters  ...   Multiple Roles  ...   Secret Cinema and Future Cinema 


Infection   ...   Woman/Lead  ...   Fable Workshop Quaranscenes/Sean Hollands

King Lear   ...   Duke of Burgundy/Ensemble  ...   Quarantined Theatre Company/William Cheek

The War Machine (Off-Broadway)  ...   Dr. Portia Ellis  ...   Zeke Hunter – Hudson Guild Theatre

Sleepy Eyed Kids ...   Sister Seahorse  ...   Jess Adams – Dixon Place

The Wizard of Oz  ...   Glinda  ...   Billy Peck – AlphaNYC Theatre Company

Eliminated  ...   Mary/Wife  ...   Michael T. Cain – Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Inferno: A New Work About Sin  ...   Lyla/Lust  ...   Justin Giachetti – Open Arts Stages

The Band Plays On Festival: The Revelation of Bobby Pritchard  ...   Mary Charles/Martha  ...   Oliver Jack – Greenwich Theatre

The Clearing's hOMAge (Lower East Side Festival)  ...   Ensemble  ...   Natanya Silverman – Theatre for the New City

Short Film

Game Over   ...   Lucy/Lead   ...   Amanda Sabater – Next Round Productions

Wolf   ...   Tatiana/Lead   ...   Lawrence McCudden


Departure  ...  Misty Madoo/Lead  ... Cara Perlman – Seaperl Productions

Bliss Aversion  ...  Mindy/Lead  ...  Kimmy Hunt

Out  ...   Chloe/Co-Star  ...   James McKenzie

Still Falling  ...   Claire/Co-Star  ...   Sean Nelis – Paternoster Productions

So-so Social  ...   Emma Yates/Lead  ...   Annemieke de Keijzer – MikiMedia

The Making of Love  ...   Teenage Girl/Lead  ...   Jaennette Louie

Ode to Mary Shelley  ...   Mary Shelley/Lead   ...   Gabriel Carmona – Nac Theory Productions


Heavenly Mothers  ...   Susannah/Supporting  ...   Jason Chau


Monsters Inside Me (S8 E3)  ...   Heather Hunt/Principle  ...   Nick Zeig-Owens – Optomen Productions

Pandoras Box: Unleashing Evil (S2 E3)  ...  Mary Higgins/Supporting  ...  Jason Fisher – Sharp Entertainment

The Blacklist (S3 E22)  ...   J.Harden/Featured  ...   Michael Dinner – Universal Productions

CopyCat Killers (S3 E16) ...   Casey/Supporting  ...   Greg Shull – Story House Productions

Dark Souls (S1 E5)  ...   Samantha Koenig/Supporting  ...   Carsten Oblaender – Story House Productions

Web Series

Experience Curve, the series  ...  Annie Kuterbach/Principle  ...  Jennifer Suter – Sincerely Suter Productions

Under InspeKtion: the Series  ...   Franziska Wilhelm/Principle  ...   Alessio Franco – Shtick Figures Productions

The Wronged One (Series)  ...   Olivia Boyle/Recurring  ...   Bruce Wabbit – Bad Wabbit Prod.

GOONZ (web series)  ...   Detective Peterson/Supporting  ...   Harry B Sando – Sando Pictures LLC

Blue Steel (TV Mini-Series)  ...   Tabby/Featured  ...   Lawrence Essex – Blue Steel: The Series

Related Experience

South (multimedia)  ...   Creative Performer  ...   Graciela Cassel – ARTslant Showcase Winner

Unpicking the Seams of Reality  ...   Performer/Ensemble  ...   Lorie Jo Trainor Buckingham – a taste full space


Karina Dresses  ...   Model  ...   Karina Cousineau – Karina Designs 

Fashion Roars  ...   Model/Performer  ...   Fashion Roars Supporting Generation Ubuntu

Special Skills

Singing (mezzo-soprano/G3-F5)    •   Intermediate belly, historical, ballroom, hip hop, and jazz dance


Intermediate horseback riding, snow skiing, stage combat (man-on-man, weapons, etc.) •  Can wiggle nose and left ear


Dialects: Received Pronunciation (RP), Irish (Dublin), Russian, Southern (US), New York, etc.

Training & Workshops

Acting, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Erasmus Programme, Spring 2013)

          Acting (Chekhov & Stanislavski) with Kärt Tomingas; Speech Technique with Anne Türnpu and Tõnu Tepandi;

          Acrobatics with Vello Vaher; Dance with Kristina Paškevicius; Ensemble Singing with Riina Roose;

          Voice Improvisation with Jaan Krivel; Estonian Theatre & Language with Eva-Liisa Linder and Kersti Skiller


European Theatre Arts, Rose Bruford College (Exchange Program, 2012-2013)

          Theatre Practitioners (Jerzy Grotowski with Jonathon Grieve, Rudolph Laban with Massimo Marinoni, and

          Eugenio Barba with Mia Theil Have); Staging Identity (Spanish with Luis Campos and Polish with Anna

          Makrzanowska); Erasmus Placement (Estonia-EMTA); German Absurdism/Ultra-Realism with Rohan Tickell;

          European Text in Practice: Directing and Designing (Lope de Vega's Punishment Without Revenge)


Theatre Performance, Stephen F. Austin State University (BFA, 2009-2013)

          Stage Acting Styles and Techniques with Allen Oster, MFA (Stanislavski plus various stylized) and Dr. Jason

          Davids Scott (Chekhov and improvisation); Theatre History and Play Analysis with Dr. Richard C. Jones, III;

          Acting for the Camera with Brad Maule; Stage Movement (combat, dance, etc.) with Juanita Finkenberg, MA;

          Dialects with Toni Smith; Directing with Dr. Alan Nielsen; Lighting and Principles of Design with CC Conn;

          Stage Makeup with Angela Bacarisse; Costume Technology with Barbara Blackwell; Stagecraft with Dana

          Gloege;  Repertory Theatre (Properties Master 2011, ASM and performer 2012); Production Work (multiple

          performing and backstage with various); and Practicum (England-RBC)


Masterclasses with Director Adrian Brown, Terrance Rattigan Society (Spring 2013); Gabrielle Berberich (Spring

          2012); David Studwell (Fall 2011); Anthony Zerbe (April 2011)


Workshops with Karen Braga, Alexander Technique (Spring 2014); Richard Robichaux (Spring 2012, Fall 2009);

          Laura Rikard (Spring 2012); Luci Christian, voice-over (Spring 2012); Rhonda Blair, Theatre and Cognitive

          Neuroscience (Spring 2012); Sandy Ernst (Spring 2012); Kathleen Mulligan, Heroics Voice (Fall 2011); Dana

          Maddox, dance (Fall 2011); RSC’s Reed Martin, Improvisation/Comedy Techniques (Spring 2011)


Feature Film
Live-Action Role-Play (Interactive Experiences)

2010 - present

2010 - present