Jennifer Suter
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Height: 5’ 5”          


Playing Age: 24-32

Happy to travel

Still Trying   ...  Rebecca/Lead  ...  Dir. Jennifer Suter – Sincerely Suter Productions

Adults  ...   Caroline Maloney/Supporting  ...   Dir. Nicholas Molinari – Cinetax Studios

Sins of the Fathers   ...   Sarah Andrews/Lead  ...   Dir. Ethan Cartwright – IMakeGood Production

The Killer in the House  ...   Alessa/Supporting  ...   Dir. Nicholas Molinari – Cinetax Studios

Last Night of the Year  ...   Stephanie/Supporting  ...   Dir. Ralston Ramsay

Scapegoat   ...   Elisabeth/Mouse/Edie  ...   Sinking Ship Creations/Ryan Hart

The Infinity Engine   ...   Anisette Verdigree  ...   Sinking Ship Creations/Ryan Hart

The Mortality Machine   ...   Milly  ...   Sinking Ship Creations/Ryan Hart – Wildrence

The War Machine (Off-Broadway)  ...   Dr. Portia Ellis  ...   Zeke Hunter – Hudson Guild Theatre

Sleepy Eyed Kids ...   Sister Seahorse  ...   Jess Adams – Dixon Place

The Wizard of Oz  ...   Glinda  ...   Billy Peck – AlphaNYC Theatre Company

Eliminated  ...   Mary/Wife  ...   Michael T. Cain – Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Inferno: A New Work About Sin  ...   Lyla/Lust  ...   Justin Giachetti – Open Arts Stages

The Band Plays On Festival: The Revelation of Bobby Pritchard  ...   Mary Charles/Martha  ...   Oliver Jack – Greenwich Theatre

The Clearing's hOMAge (Lower East Side Festival)  ...   Ensemble  ...   Natanya Silverman – Theatre for the New City


The Shawshank Redemption, Brazil, Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters  ...   Multiple Roles  ...   Secret Cinema and Future Cinema 

Short Film

Monsters Inside Me (S8 E3)  ...   Heather Hunt/Principle  ...   Nick Zeig-Owens – Optomen Productions

Pandoras Box: Unleashing Evil (S2 E3)  ...  Mary Higgins/Supporting  ...  Jason Fisher – Sharp Entertainment

The Blacklist (S3 E22)  ...   J.Harden/Featured  ...   Michael Dinner – Universal Productions

CopyCat Killers (S3 E16) ...   Casey/Supporting  ...   Greg Shull – Story House Productions

Dark Souls (S1 E5)  ...   Samantha Koenig/Supporting  ...   Carsten Oblaender – Story House Productions

Web Series

Experience Curve, the series  ...  Annie Kuterbach/Principle  ...  Jennifer Suter – Sincerely Suter Productions

Under InspeKtion: the Series  ...   Franziska Wilhelm/Principle  ...   Alessio Franco – Shtick Figures Productions

The Wronged One (Series)  ...   Olivia Boyle/Recurring  ...   Bruce Wabbit – Bad Wabbit Prod.

GOONZ (web series)  ...   Detective Peterson/Supporting  ...   Harry B Sando – Sando Pictures LLC

Blue Steel (TV Mini-Series)  ...   Tabby/Featured  ...   Lawrence Essex – Blue Steel: The Series

Related Experience

South (multimedia)  ...   Creative Performer  ...   Graciela Cassel – ARTslant Showcase Winner

Unpicking the Seams of Reality  ...   Performer/Ensemble  ...   Lorie Jo Trainor Buckingham – a taste full space


Karina Dresses  ...   Model  ...   Karina Cousineau – Karina Designs 

Fashion Roars  ...   Model/Performer  ...   Fashion Roars Supporting Generation Ubuntu

Special Skills

Singing (mezzo-soprano/G3-F5)    •   Intermediate belly, historical, ballroom, hip hop, and jazz dance


Intermediate horseback riding, snow skiing, stage combat (man-on-man, weapons, etc.) •  Can wiggle nose and left ear


Dialects: Received Pronunciation (RP), Irish (Dublin), Russian, Southern (US), New York, etc.

Training & Workshops

Acting, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Erasmus Programme, Spring 2013)

          Acting (Chekhov & Stanislavski) with Kärt Tomingas; Speech Technique with Anne Türnpu and Tõnu Tepandi;

          Acrobatics with Vello Vaher; Dance with Kristina Paškevicius; Ensemble Singing with Riina Roose;

          Voice Improvisation with Jaan Krivel; Estonian Theatre & Language with Eva-Liisa Linder and Kersti Skiller


European Theatre Arts, Rose Bruford College (Exchange Program, 2012-2013)

          Theatre Practitioners (Jerzy Grotowski with Jonathon Grieve, Rudolph Laban with Massimo Marinoni, and

          Eugenio Barba with Mia Theil Have); Staging Identity (Spanish with Luis Campos and Polish with Anna

          Makrzanowska); Erasmus Placement (Estonia-EMTA); German Absurdism/Ultra-Realism with Rohan Tickell;

          European Text in Practice: Directing and Designing (Lope de Vega's Punishment Without Revenge)


Theatre Performance, Stephen F. Austin State University (BFA, 2009-2013)

          Stage Acting Styles and Techniques with Allen Oster, MFA (Stanislavski plus various stylized) and Dr. Jason

          Davids Scott (Chekhov and improvisation); Theatre History and Play Analysis with Dr. Richard C. Jones, III;

          Acting for the Camera with Brad Maule; Stage Movement (combat, dance, etc.) with Juanita Finkenberg, MA;

          Dialects with Toni Smith; Directing with Dr. Alan Nielsen; Lighting and Principles of Design with CC Conn;

          Stage Makeup with Angela Bacarisse; Costume Technology with Barbara Blackwell; Stagecraft with Dana

          Gloege;  Repertory Theatre (Properties Master 2011, ASM and performer 2012); Production Work (multiple

          performing and backstage with various); and Practicum (England-RBC)


Masterclasses with Director Adrian Brown, Terrance Rattigan Society (Spring 2013); Gabrielle Berberich (Spring

          2012); David Studwell (Fall 2011); Anthony Zerbe (April 2011)


Workshops with Karen Braga, Alexander Technique (Spring 2014); Richard Robichaux (Spring 2012, Fall 2009);

          Laura Rikard (Spring 2012); Luci Christian, voice-over (Spring 2012); Rhonda Blair, Theatre and Cognitive

          Neuroscience (Spring 2012); Sandy Ernst (Spring 2012); Kathleen Mulligan, Heroics Voice (Fall 2011); Dana

          Maddox, dance (Fall 2011); RSC’s Reed Martin, Improvisation/Comedy Techniques (Spring 2011)


Feature Film

Game Over   ...   Lucy/Lead   ...   Amanda Sabater – Next Round Productions

Wolf   ...   Tatiana/Lead   ...   Lawrence McCudden


Departure  ...  Misty Madoo/Lead  ... Cara Perlman – Seaperl Productions

Bliss Aversion  ...  Mindy/Lead  ...  Kimmy Hunt

Out  ...   Chloe/Co-Star  ...   James McKenzie

Still Falling  ...   Claire/Co-Star  ...   Sean Nelis – Paternoster Productions

So-so Social  ...   Emma Yates/Lead  ...   Annemieke de Keijzer – MikiMedia

The Making of Love  ...   Teenage Girl/Lead  ...   Jaennette Louie

Ode to Mary Shelley  ...   Mary Shelley/Lead   ...   Gabriel Carmona – Nac Theory Productions


Heavenly Mothers  ...   Susannah/Supporting  ...   Jason Chau

2010 - present

2010 - present